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What Size Mattress Should I Buy

Posted on: February 8th, 2013 by Ron 1 Comment

Customers walk in Houston Mattress Discounters everyday and one of the first questions I always ask is what size Mattress are you looking for.  The answer is sometimes not what I am expecting. For example someone is buying a King Mattress for their 6 year old son.  I’m thinking , Are You Kidding me. They want their son to have the biggest mattress for their son because he deserves the best and his bedroom will more than fit a king. Then I have an older couple come into my Mattress Store and they are looking for a full size mattress. I’m thinking,  REALLY ? I suggest something larger and they look at me and say,  Are you crazy. We’ve been sleeping on a  Full Mattress for over 45 years and we don’t understand why anyone would be stupid enough to waste money on anything larger.

I tell some couples that sleep on a Queen Mattress that maybe they should consider stepping up to a king mattress.  Do they feel like they have to much room when sleeping on a  Twin Mattress by themselves,  Of course not. Well  the width of a king is no more than 2 twins put together for 2 people. They never thought of it that way.

Just a few months ago, I had an older couple come in and said we have been married for over 30 years and we need 2 queen mattresses. They have to be exactly the same. Well I’m thinking if you sleep in separate bedrooms, which is very common for people who have been married a long time, snoring etc. why don’t you each get the mattress that you want.

NO !  She said.  We love to sleep in the same room together but in our first year of marriage, he turns and turns and I don’t want anyone touching me when I sleep. So my husband got 2 queen bed frames and bolted them together. He puts the 2 box springs side by side and screws them together also. We then lay the mattresses together and I sew the 2 mattresses together with heavy thread. Then I custom fitted 2 sets of queen sheets together and now we both sleep together and we both have the room of a queen mattress.  She told me that she loves to sleep with her husband in the same room, but there is a time for everything and when I want to sleep, I SLEEP.  My husband made a wood head board for our mattresses and we now have a bed that is 10 feet wide !

She told me that Everyone who comes to our home for years are shocked at how big our mattress is.  HaHa , We tell them it is very expensive and we have it custom made. I told her it seems nothing is going to surprise me anymore as I have got older, but she DID.

I had a very young cute couple walk in my store and told me they were looking for a mattress for their spare bedroom. So I was going to suggest something inexpensive that is firm with support but plush on top for that good all around mattress for their guest.

Well the young lady looks at her husband and grins with a big smile, and said look, I’m not a Bit…h  , but I don’t like his mother and he doesn’t like my dad and we need something that after 2 days they are ready to leave. Well, I then decided to take them to the back and show them these cheap queen mattresses that I had bought and, well when the mattresses came into my store they were very cheap. I had the mattresses stacked in the back room to go back because they were not even close to the standards that I buy and I didn’t want anyone even seeing them. They were not name brands mattresses.  Well the young couple took one look at them and said perfect. That’s what we want.

Well the next day I thought I would have a little fun with these cheap mattresses. so. I stacked them in front of the store and got a very wide sharpie and wrote on the mattresses very large.   “IN LAW MATTRESS”.  Would you believe they sold like hot Cakes and were all gone within a week.

Funny thing is being a grandfather myself, I sold just as many to their Parents as I did to them. One grandfather said to his wife, Look I love all 3 of our daughters. But they all had all these little grand kids at the same time and after a few days of  jumping all over me in my recliner, IT is time to go HOME. Yes sir he said. we’ll take 3.  Well his upset wife said, what about new boxes for the mattresses and he said, WHO CARES !   HIS WIFE WAS NOT HAPPY.

I would tell this to some of the kids and they looked, VERY SURPRISED.  Look we don’t get old by being a FOOL.

I Loved the look on there faces.

When someone walks into Houston Mattress, You never know what to expect.




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