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Pick a Mattress as per Your Body Requirement

Posted on: August 14th, 2013 by Ron No Comments

In life we sometimes make such choices which could really cause us lot of discomfort. We don’t realize the problems it has caused us till the time we actually experience it. Well such are life’s dearies. By the time we actually realize the damage has been done.

In a bid to add that class and appeal we sometimes go about purchasing such stuff which is just not wanted. We not just end up burning our pockets but get an unwanted product too.  Mattresses are one such very important part of the house which we always end up buying in haste and end up in wasting our money and effort. Mattresses are something which we can’t do without yet a wrong selection of the same can make us suffer.

Whenever we go about making a purchase of a mattress we must be very sure of the kind that suits our body type.  For instance, for a person like me who can complain of a little stiff back off n on should pick a hard flat mattress. A soft mattress is a big no for people like me. Thus at the time of purchasing a hard mattress, you can pick one which is made of firm material like the Sealy or Serta which can be perfect for you. Here you must also remember to have a firm foundation underneath the mattress to further add firmness to the mattress. Like a foundation mainly of pinewood would be the best for you.mattress buying tips

However, there are many others who like comfy fluffy mattresses in which you can just sink in. These are made of foams and one can select the softness of the foam in the mattress as per his or her choice. They work best in winters and give a very warm feel. Memory foam mattress works best in this class. Mattresses are something which is for your comfort and we must purchase the best suiting us religiously here. One will always have the option of purchasing a mattress which is lower in price. But one must purchase which suits a person as per his body type and requirement. Also, if a mattress is expensive it does not necessarily mean that the mattress is good for you. Yet again the mattress that suits you and is good in quality works best for you always. So selecting one which suits you best is the finest option rather than you placing your body in pain and then paying your medical bills eventually. As it says prevention is always better than cure,  thus we can prevent a situation by simply listening to our body.

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress

Posted on: January 29th, 2013 by Ron No Comments

If you sleep 8-9 hours a night, you are spending more than 1/3 of your life on a mattress.  If you are like my wife, she lays on the mattress an additional 2 hours every night watching TV with her laptop.  She calls this “her” time” and the rules are ,that during this time, “Leave Her Alone”. HUH .  I would probably lay on the bed also, but there are three problems.  First, she lays on the mattress corner to corner.  Second, she doesn’t like to watch what I like on TV, and the third, she does not want to talk.  So There It Is.  I have No Place to Lay down on our Mattress, also  I can’t understand why anyone would not want Watch Sports, and she doesn’t want to Listen to me talk about my Lifelong “BS” Stories That I Like To Talk About while we are Laying On Our Mattress.

Well, let’s get back to information on replacing your mattress.  When your mattress stops sleeping well, then its time to replace it with another mattress.  A lot of different factors will go into this decision.  If you weigh 125 lbs and someone else weighs 250 lbs, common sense tells you that the mattress will last a lot longer for one that weighs less.  Also the quality of the mattress you have will also determine how long it will last.  Just because a mattresses have 10-20 year warranties does not mean it will sleep well for that period of time.

The best way to tell if you need a mattress is by your sleep patterns.  If you wake up in the morning and feel tired and aching then your mattress is no longer working for you.  Also, as we age, the level of firmness that was comfortable a few years ago might not be best for you now.  If you think any of these factors apply to you, then go get a new mattress.

Turning your mattress can also extend the life, but you will eventually have to get a new Mattress.  Look for lumpy spots, tears in fabric, squeaky springs, and sagging in your mattress.  If kids regularly play and jump on a mattress, it will wear out faster.

Fluids from sweating and other bodily functions seep into the fabric over time.  Mattress protectors go a long way to protect your mattress, but bacteria and other odors, such as accidents, then replace your Mattress immediately.  Cleaning a mattress cannot get into the deeper layers of padding.

Mattresses are also a breeding ground for parasites.  Dust mites love mattresses because they can feed on flakes of human skin.  The dust mites fecal matter builds up in your mattress over a period of time and can cause severe allergic reactions to some individuals.

Bed bugs are the ones that actually bite you.   These pests can be very difficult to get rid of.  If you replace your mattress because of infestation, don’t donate it to other people or charity.  Even if you get a professional, that still does not mean the problem will be taken care off.

Discount mattress stores and overstock mattress stores are great places to get a very expensive mattress at a very low price without paying all the expensive overhead that all the chain stores do. High commissions paid to Mattress salesmen, fancy mattress show rooms, record profit to share holders etc. will drive the prices up for Mattresses that make it seem like your buying another car.