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How is it possible to buy a mattress for almost 40% to 70% off retail from Houston Mattress
It’s Simple!. We sell mattresses that are discontinued models, Overstocks, Overruns, and Closeouts (they bought too many and need to bring in new merchandise).Retailers have to pay high overhead, offer warranties and generally have to pass their higher cost of doing business onto their customers. Since we are a mattress outlet store . WE offer great service with a great price with no pushy salesman that is on commission. We sell name brand mattresses at a fraction of the cost, 40%-70% off of standard retail prices. We make a flat rate on each mattress, so our objective is to fit you to the right mattress to get a great night’s sleep. Houston Mattress Outlet can make your mattress shopping experience extremely easy and very pleasant!  WE have brand names of mattresses that give you, the consumer, a mattress of High QUALITY, COMFORT and PRICE VALUE for a Guaranteed Savings that is below any other stores. We provide the VERY FINEST SERVICE anywhere. Join our many customers who enjoy premium, luxurious bedding at very affordable prices. Come in and experience our Name Brand High End Mattresses at very low prices. We are a true Mattress Store Outlet.
Are we the right company for you to buy the mattress?
 Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I value the hard earn money I make and want to feel better everyday ?
  2. Do I want a high-end discount quality mattress but the sticker price is just too much?
  3. Am I a smart consumer?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, Houston Discount  Mattress is the mattress company for you.

What is the difference between your store and a regular retailer?
At Houston Discount Mattress Outlet, because we buy in bulk Truckloads, we are able to get inventory at a fraction of the cost of a retailer. We don’t offer factory warranties. We do give a 1 year limited  in house warrantyon  our select mattresses. *ask store for details. I’m not going to allow one of my customers to purchase a mattress from us and it have some type of defect. “My policy has always been to take care of my customers, do the right thing, and if it cost my company money to make it right then that is the only time it shows that  you have great service. When it cost my company money, it is the only way to earn your trust on customer service.  Otherwise it’s just all talk when it comes to customer service.Retailers generally bring in new models a few times a year and we’re able to get those discontinued models. We sometimes will have the exact same mattress on their showroom floor because of the different timing of the new inventory cycle.Most of our mattresses are overstocks and discontinued, and also can sometimes have a slight cosmetic blemish from truck hauling or slight warehouse scuff.  Retailers can not sell these items at premium prices. So we are able to sell these mattresses at much lower prices.We also can’t advertise the brands and do the usual advertising and promotions of a factory authorized dealer. Quality mattresses are EXPENSIVE. It’s not uncommon to find a $2400 – $3400 mattress in other stores that we sell you the same mattress for about $700 – $900.We know we’re not for everyone but for those in the ‘know’, we’re the quality discount mattress store for you.No hard sells, no ‘car buying’ type negotiations. Just walk away knowing you got the best deal possible at Houston Discount Mattress Outlet at the lowest possible price.
Do you mattress carry the manufacture Warranties?
Our mattresses are sold ‘as is’. There are no factory warranties. but again, we do give our 1 year limited warranty and some that have a 10 year warranty.*ask store for details*. If there is a manufacture defect you will know within 90 days. We do not sell defective mattresses. Never have and Never will.We did some research on the warranty of mattresses. Generally you are paying a lot of extra money on something that:

  1. You may never use
  2. Has so many loopholes that having a mattress company honor a warranty is a headache and nearly impossible.

On a high-end high coil count mattress, the cost of paying for a warranty nearly doubles or triples  the price of a mattress. You literally can buy 2 to 3 high-end mattresses from Houston Mattress for the cost of one regular priced mattress with a warranty.

What exactly is the coil count or wire gauge thing?
 We know it can be confusing but generally the higher the coil count, the better. And thicker the gauge of the wire ,that is the ‘coil’, is firmer.But that doesn’t mean a low coil count or smaller gauge is bad. It just means it’s going to feel a bit different and might wear differently.  All name brands use top quality coil systems. most of the name brand companies buy the coils from the same manufacture.  There are over 25 different variations on coils and all good. Stick with name Brands. There are reasons why all other companies compare themselves to the Name Brands.
What if I need more than one mattress? Will you give me a deal?
YES!  Our business is about making sales and we definitely will give you a  discount if you buy more than one. In fact, find a few friends to come in with you to buy a mattress…we’ll hook you up!  We will make you the best deal possible. Just remember we are working with very slim margins.
Do you do refunds or exchanges?
 We are an ‘all sales is final’ store. We ask that you are sure of your purchase and inspect your mattress before you leave the store. Ask about our limited warranty.
What type of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash and all major credit cards. We also have No Credit Check financing on our mattresses available. Click on the financing  tab on our web site for more details.
Can I try a mattress out?
Yes! We will talk to you about our 3 step fitting process. It’s not rocket science,  actually it’s very simple. It is important to match the mattress to you and what you need, not to a mattress that some other store has stocked up and on sale.You need to get a great night sleep and your mattress needs to be name brand and quality that will last. Get a Great Mattress that will last and sleep great, otherwise what’s the point.
Are your prices negotiable?
No, we sell our mattresses at rock bottom prices. We tell people “tell a friend” about us and give them one of our discount business cards (referral) and then we can give you a cash referral fee. We would rather pay our customers for advertising than ads, TV,newspapers, direct mail, etc.We do frequently have specials and package deals that we will advertise on our site. We do give discounts for quantity purchases. Check out our specials on our clearance mattress page.If you are a business  or require a large quantity of mattresses, please contact us for our special ‘business’ quantity discounts.
Do you deliver?
Absolutely! We have what I consider to be the best Delivery Service that is second to none. You can also pick up your purchase at our convenient location.
What makes you different than a mattress discount store?
Great question! Most mattress discount stores carry low to mid level quality of a brand name mattress. In essence, they decide the type of mattress you should have.We are able to locate high quality mattresses from different sources so we can provide you a wide range of mattresses. Our company gives you the opportunity to own a mattress that can cost over $4,000 for 75% off.In addition, discount stores will have a few floor models. Once you decide which mattress you want, they will pull one from their stock. You don’t get the exact mattress you saw. There’s always a chance you could get a different mattress or that same mattress you choose will not lay the same.We are able to show you the exact mattress you will be purchasing. You will either take it with you or we’ll arrange delivery through our  delivery service.No chance of getting the wrong mattress or the classic ‘switch and bait’ practice that many customers have complained about with discount mattress stores.Please note that manufacturers will frequently label the exact mattress various names. This is to make it impossible for the consumer to price compare and to ensure stores can guarantee the lowest price for the same name model. It’s very easy to get you the same mattress which is very uncomplicated. Simple, it’s components and foam, not Rocket Science.
How do I buy a mattress from you?
Simple! You dial  (713) 628-6858 . Before coming to our store tell us how you sleep and answer a few of our Questions on our fitting process. We want to make sure we have plenty of mattresses in stock for you and not waste your time. We do not match a customer to a mattress we want to sell. VERY IMPORTANT, We match a mattress to you. Bottom line is that you get a great mattress at a great price. But more important you need to get a brand name mattress that you can sleep very well on and that will last. We don’t try to up sell you to the most expensive mattress like other stores. We make a flat rate on all mattresses. That way we can just worry about one thing, getting the best mattress for you. Otherwise what would be the point.Be ready to buy. We are able to give you these incredible deals by streamlining the mattress buying process. We pull out the mattress you want, you try it and then we complete the transaction. This saves you time and ultimately money. We ask you to be prepared for purchase and or to leave a deposit to hold your mattress at your first visit. We are not able to guarantee we will have the same mattress on your next visit. Mattress inventory changes on a weekly basis.
When do I know that I need to Replace My Mattress?
  1. You bought your current mattress over 10 years ago.
  2. You wake up feeling tired  when you get up in the morning.
  3. The couch feels more comfortable than your bed.
  4. Your mattress “looks” like a hand me down (or actually is).
  5. You wake with aches and pains every morning.
  6. You need pillows between your legs to get comfortable.
  7. You see lumps, dips and valleys in your mattress.
Do you take orders over the phone?
Yes we do, all the time. Please call us any time during business hours. Remember to be ready to answer some question about yourself so we can fit a mattress to you or someone else. We will take delivery instructions from you and inform you of an expected arrival date (usually within a couple of days). If you wish to pay via credit card we will process your transaction today and bring a copy of the slip with your delivery. Other payment options are cash on delivery or certified check.
Can you setup my mattress when you deliver it?
We do on most items if requested at the time of purchase. Set up of products does take time and will change the delivery schedule for other customers receiving goods that day, therefore we ask that you let us know at the time of purchase or as soon as you can.
Can I buy just the mattress or foundation?
Yes you can. Foundations do not always have to be replaced. We carry both 5″ low profile as well as regular 9″ foundations.
Do you take away the old mattress?
Yes we will dispose of the product being replaced if requested at the time you place your order, however there will be a small disposal fee charged by the delivery service.
Do I need to buy new foundation with my new mattress?
No, you don’t, but it is very important to make sure that your existing foundation is in excellent shape. The mattress will not be supportive if the foundation isn’t. I know everyone will tell you that you have to have the matching box. I don’t and never have believed it and I think that is an up sale to force you to spend more money. I Don’t want you to waste your money on things you don’t need.  But make sure you get what you need.
Why do I need a center support roller frame for my new mattress set?
Without this extra support the foundation will warp over time and not provide the proper support to the mattress. If you have ever had a bed that seems to be lower in the middle causing you to roll into the center this has happened because the box spring was not properly supported. Talked to me and sometimes I can save you money by making some slight changes to your frame.
Why is the price of just the mattress not half the price of a complete set?
In recent years, as mattresses have grown in thickness and complexity, the cost of purchasing just the mattress has risen from 60% to as high as 85%. There are many more construction elements involved in the design of a mattress than that of the foundation which only holds up the mattress. If you have a Platfoum Bed you don’t even need a Box.Q.  What does it mean if there are body impressions in my new mattress?  Body impressions are a natural occurrence with a new mattress, particularly those that are thick and plush. Please give your new mattress a chance to break in, this process should take around one month. Each manufacturer has expected body impressions. The standard for a defective mattresses is over one and a half inches of sinking. Get a string and stretch across the mattress and measure the depth of the dip.
What are the different mattress sizes?
Twin- 39″ x 74″Twin XL- 39″ x 80″Full- 54″ x 74″Queen- 60″ x 80″King- 76″ x 80″California King- 72″ x 84″
Do you sell custom size mattresses?
We have special sizes of mattresses mad all the time such as RV, Campers, Oil Rigs, Ships etc. Give us a call for pricing. Usually it’s only a small up charge which averages around $35.00
What is a California King Mattress.
A  California king mattress is 4″ less in width but is 4″ longer.California King is 72″ X 84″Regular King is   76″ X 80″