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Other Store Locations

We are expanding our footprint in order to serve customers with finest bedding experience we have not reached before – both in and around our current markets and in new markets.

Acquiring stores in Houston markets enables us to make the most of our existing operations and better leverage our scale. We are also looking for opportunities to move into markets that are adjacent to Houston city where we operate, so we can apply our skills and build our scale even further.

We have successfully expanded our business in Nine major cities, and we continue to believe we have vast growth opportunities throughout the U.S.

We and all who are part of the team at Houston Mattress King have worked hard to gain our reputation as Houston’s leading mattresses retailer. We believe that the single most important factor in this has been the experience which customers have each and every time they shop with us – from the quality of bedding, to the knowledgeable and friendly staff, to the way we serve and present bed sets suits to your body posture.


We are serving 6 main cities as  Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Galveston, League City, Conroe, Woodlands, Kingwood and California Also.