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 Keeping your body at a comfortable temperature is one of the most important factors in getting a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re kept awake by night sweats, an illness or just hot weather, there are several effective ways to lower your temperature in bed.
Overall, this  mattress protector with new cool technology not only protects your mattress from dust mite, allergen, stain and liquids but best of all helps regulate your body temperature. Many people will find that this is exactly what they’re looking for if they sleep hot. So, if your not sleeping cool, pick one up.


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Adjustable beds….do i really need one?

The answer to this question is the same as usual, maybe…
You might not be aware of this..but your body usually does not maintain proper posture when sleeping on a flat surface!
Therefore, tension and pressure on the muscles and joints is often increased which will reduce the relaxing effect of rest and recuperation
that your muscles and joints SHOULD experience… during a full night of deep, restful sleep!

Here is where an adjustable mattress sleep system can really help.
These types of sleep systems are designed to provide proper, customized support to your entire body.
From your head and neck to your lower back, legs and knees..you will feel a much more comfortable and contouring effect when you are on an adjustable mattress sleep system.

Adjustable beds have an advantage over traditional, flat mattresses because they provide 4 important things:
#1- a much more comfortable and beneficial sleeping position
#2- much needed pressure-point relief on your muscles and joints
#3- proper circulation
#4 -customized support.

These types of beds also provide relief with: snoring, acid-reflux and sleep-apnea when the bed is in the head-elevated position.
The leg elevated position helps decompress the spine by taking pressure off the lower back region.

So, now that you understand why adjustable beds are beneficial and help you get a great night of deep restful sleep…
do yourself a favor and go get one!    ….by the way, we can help you with that too!

We carry adjustable bed bases in all sizes as well as super comfortable and cool contouring gel memory foam mattresses!
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How do I shop for a mattress?

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How do I shop for a mattress?

Maybe you haven’t shopped for a mattress in a few years…maybe its been many years. Sooner or later you will need to face it….you need a new mattress! So, now what?
Most people are going to go on the internet and look for a mattress store in their area. Others will actually shop online and will purchase one..without ever actually laying on it! Sure, you can send it back if you don’t like it…but, what a hassle. The best thing to do is head to your local mattress store and try out a few. What you don’t want to do..is be one of those people who walk into a mattress store don’t want any help..and go from mattress to mattress… pushing on each one and assume you can pick the perfect mattress for the next 10 years.. by doing the push test!

So, “what should I do?”,  you ask….  Well, how about this….LAY DOWN!!!

Get a courtesy pillow protector…put your head on the pillow..put your feet up on the foot protection pad… and lay there- until your body decides if it likes the mattress or not. Doesn’t that sound logical?

The downside to this approach is that you can try too many mattresses and end up getting confused and fatigued. Believe it or not..trying out mattress after mattress after mattress can be tiring…then, they all start feeling similar..and you lose focus.

So, ” what should I do?”,  you ask.   Well, let the sales person do their job and let them help you find the right mattress set for you! After all…most mattress sales people (not all) have been doing this for quite some time and really know their stuff! So, don’t be shy…lay-down and let them help you find the right mattress for you..listen to their suggestions and answer their questions honestly.

However, in the end, make up your own mind…don’t let them sell you a mattress that they may get a higher commission on…  So, do your homework!

Do I Need A New Mattress?

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Do I Need A New Mattress?

This is a question that many people all over the world asked themselves this morning. The answer? Maybe…
Millions of people sleep on old, worn-out, uncomfortable mattresses night after night, then they wonder…”Why do i always feel tired, sore and drained?”
You may need some exercise or you may need to change your diet..you may also need a new mattress. Quite possibly the answer is.. all three!
The main time frame when your body repairs and rejuvenates itself, is when you are sleeping.
Those critical hours can not be wasted tossing, turning and restless. Your body is actually working to recharge and repair itself all night long.
So we come back around to the question at hand..How do i know if i need a new mattress?
Well, only you can answer that question…
How did you sleep last night?
Is your current mattress comfortable and supportive?
Are you tossing and turning all night because your not comfortable?
Do you wake up tired and aching?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions….you probably need a new mattress.
Next week we will be discussing another important and often overlooked mattress question….
“How do I shop for a mattress?”
…..stay tuned.saggy mattressback painnew mattress

Shipping All Over USA

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As we see the modern consumer behaviors evolve and the market trend focusing on the needs and convenience of the consumers; Houston Mattress King expands its exceptional customer service to offer high quality, cheapest, best deals in name brand mattresses, Gel-memory foam mattresses, hybrid memory foam-coil mattresses, latex mattresses, adjustable bed base and beddings all over USA.

Our over 30 years alliance with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors gives us the edge and credible experience as we continue our pursuit in offering the best deals of mattresses on line!  We carry Superpedic Gel-Memory Foam Mattresses, Mlily Memory Foam Mattresses, Sealy Mattresses, Serta, Simmons and more…..

Happy Thanksgiving From Houston Mattress King

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

May you all celebrate with your family, friends and loved ones close by or close to your heart. We are all thankful for having esteemed customers like all of you.

Happy thanksgiving


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale is On Now

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Black Friday has officially begun.Houston Mattress King has announced it’s big sale on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Buy any mattress set worth $599-$799 and Get 2 Pillows & Mattress Protector Absolutely FREE!  black friday mattress sale

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