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Adjustable beds….do i really need one?

The answer to this question is the same as usual, maybe…
You might not be aware of this..but your body usually does not maintain proper posture when sleeping on a flat surface!
Therefore, tension and pressure on the muscles and joints is often increased which will reduce the relaxing effect of rest and recuperation
that your muscles and joints SHOULD experience… during a full night of deep, restful sleep!

Here is where an adjustable mattress sleep system can really help.
These types of sleep systems are designed to provide proper, customized support to your entire body.
From your head and neck to your lower back, legs and knees..you will feel a much more comfortable and contouring effect when you are on an adjustable mattress sleep system.

Adjustable beds have an advantage over traditional, flat mattresses because they provide 4 important things:
#1- a much more comfortable and beneficial sleeping position
#2- much needed pressure-point relief on your muscles and joints
#3- proper circulation
#4 -customized support.

These types of beds also provide relief with: snoring, acid-reflux and sleep-apnea when the bed is in the head-elevated position.
The leg elevated position helps decompress the spine by taking pressure off the lower back region.

So, now that you understand why adjustable beds are beneficial and help you get a great night of deep restful sleep…
do yourself a favor and go get one!    ….by the way, we can help you with that too!

We carry adjustable bed bases in all sizes as well as super comfortable and cool contouring gel memory foam mattresses!
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